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The SANY SY305C crawler excavator makes no compromises. It works powerfully wherever maximum performance is required for excavation work and in civil engineering. The machine‘s high-quality technology and robust components form the basis for reliable and quick operation, meaning that the vehicles can be used continually. This prevents downtime and also reduces maintenance and servicing time. You can therefore complete all of the work at the construction site on time and on budget. Maximum productivity is also the result of the machine‘s high degree of flexibility. This is not only thanks to the extensive standard features – with two cameras, two auxiliary proportional control circuits and the pre-installed quick-change mechanism – but also the easy changeover of the work tools used and the associated hydraulic settings.

Peamine teave

Engine: CUMMINS QSL9-C280
Rated power: 209 kW / 2 100 rpm
Max. torque: 1 472 Nm / 1 400 rpm
Max. travel speed: 5.2 km/h
Swingspeed: 9 rpm
Mainpump: 2 x variable-piston-pump with electronic positive control
Max. oilflow: 2 x 280 l/min

Eelised ja omadused

+ 10" high-resolution touchscreen display
+ 2 cameras + Seat with adjustable control panels
+ 5 different attachment devices can be programmed for each category (name, pressure, oil flow)
+ 2 proportional auxiliary lines as standard
+ Convenient switching of hammer/shear hydraulics

Tehniline informatsioon

Operating mass 32265 kg
Standard bucket capacity 1.7
Transport length 10667 mm
Transport width 2990 (3190**) mm
Height over cabin/ROPS 3225 mm
Rated power 209 kW 2100 rpm
Max. digging depth 6815 mm
Max. digging reach 10870 mm
Min. swing radius 4000 mm
Bucket digging force ISO 204 kN
Arm digging force ISO 153 kN
Max. oilflow 2x280 l/min

Proovi SANY

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