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SANY SY16C delar många av sina goda egenskaper med syskonet SY18C. En smidig hydraulik tillsammans med en smidig storlek och goda servicemöjligheter skapar en mycket konkurrenskraftig produkt.

  • Teknik

    Engine: YANMAR 3TNV80F
    Rated power: 14.6 kW/2400 rpm
    Max. torque : 64.7 Nm/1800 rpm
    Max. ground speed: Fast 3.8 km/h, Slow 2.2 km/h
    Operating Weight: 1,750 kg
    Ground pressure: 0,29 kg/cm²
    Main pumps: 1 Variable-Axial piston pump
    Maximum oil flow: 48 l/min

  • Fördelar & Funktioner

    Quiet and low-vibration engine
    + Efficient, powerful load-sensing hydraulic system
    +  Responsive, precise control
    + Ergonomic, comfortable seat
    + Clear instruments and large, high-resolution colour display
    + Optimum visibility
    + Powerful heating
    + Standard connections for commercially available accessories
    + Low weight and compact dimensions
    + All cladding elements made of metal
    + All important maintenance points are very easily accessible
    + SANY five-year guarantee*
    + ROPS/FOPS-certified for safety in operation

    *with participating partners

  • Tekniska Data

    Overall length 3,575 mm  
    Overall width 980/1,350 mm  
    Overall superstructure width 980 mm  
    Overall height above cab 2,420 mm  
    Rear length 920 mm  
    Track width 750/1,120 mm  
    Undercarriage length 1,585 mm  
    Undercarriage width (dozer blade) 980/1,350 mm  
    Blade height 270 mm  
    Track link width 230 mm  
    Tail swing radius 920 mm  
    Distance (centre) between crawler wheel and guide wheel 1,220 mm  
    Boom length 1,810 mm  
    Bucket arm length 1,130 mm  
    Bucket capacity 0.04 m³  
    Working range    
    Max. horizontal reach on the ground 4,000 mm  
    Max. excavation depth 2,360 mm  
    Max. vertical reach 3,665 mm  
    Max. dumping height 2,635 mm  
    Min. slewing radius 1,705 mm  
    Max. excavation depth, vertical wall 2,215 mm  
    Working machine height at min. slewing radius 2,745 mm  
    Total weight 1,750 kg  
    Model YANMAR 3TNV80F  
    Type Water-cooled four-stroke diesel engine with turbulence chamber fuel injection  
    Rated power 14,6 kW  
    Max. torque 64,7 Nm/1,800 upm  
    Displacement 1267 ccm  
    Main pumps 1 Adjustable axial piston pump  
    Maximum oil flow 1 x 55 l/min  
    Travel drive 2 Adjustable axial piston pumps  
    Slewing gear 1 Adjustable axial piston pump  
    Pressure limiting valve settings    
    Boom circuit 270 bar  
    Slewing circuit 162 bar  
    Drive circuit 270 bar  
    Pilot control circuit 35 bar  
    Slewing speed 10 rpm  
    Max. ground speeds fast 3.7 km/h slow 2.1 km/h  
    Max. traction force 15.6 kN  
    Climbing ability 30°  
    ISO bucket breakaway force 15.2 kN  
    ISO arm tear-out force 9.2 kN  
    Service refill capacities    
    Fuel tank 23 l  
    Engine coolant 3,8 l  
    Engine oil 2 l  
    Travel drive (per side) 0,4 l  
    Hydraulic oil tank 21 l  
    Undercarriage and superstructure    
    Slewing gear Axial piston pump with planetary gear running in oil bath and single-row slewing ring. Spring-loaded slewing gear parking brake, hydraulically released.  
    Undercarriage Reinforced, large undercarriage; welded running gear frame with modular design, made from a special material. Side frame welded to the running gear frame  

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